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About me

I'm an avid traveler, following the sunshine around the world, always open to learn from other cultures and intrigued by cross-cultural movements and tribes.

Music is one of my passions, it's a way for me to translate energy and share emotions. Listen to some favourite songs that make my day.


My career as an IT consultant started in 1999. The first 14 years I worked as an employee for several IT service companies, and since 2013 I'm working as a freelancer.

I have strongly specialised in full stack java development on portal platforms.
Since 2006 this was focussed on IBM WebSphere Portal, as I was working for IBM.
Later, when I decided to start freelancing, I changed my focus to open source and Liferay Portal.

On this website you can discover the projects I'm currently involved in, the technologies I specialise in and the way I love to work.
Or you can check out my LinkedIn profile for a more detailed career path.


Techie with a heart

I care about what your project means to you and to your clients.
INFP personality type.


Rolling up my sleeves

After almost 20 years of coding I still love to get my hands dirty by writing code myself.


Loyal to my clients

I'm with you all the way. Committed until the end of your project & beyond.


I'm currently involved in

Creating social plugins to transform Liferay into an online engagement platform for communities and tribes.

A community for location independent developers where we help each other out to overcome the challenges of remote work.

In January 2018 I started working with Formica as a freelance Liferay consultant for IDEWE.

My task is to build a new application for their customer portal, which will allow customers to follow up on tasks for legally required inspections.

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Van Marcke

Van Marcke

  • ibm websphere portal
  • ibm connections
  • spring
  • jquery
UZ Gent

UZ Gent

  • ibm websphere portal
  • struts
  • spring
  • jquery
European Commission

European Commission

  • liferay portal
  • spring
  • jquery
  • alfresco

The way I love to work

it works for me

Agile & Scrum

Because the requirements will always evolve once the users are playing with the software.
Scrum is a proven way to control this process of iterative development.

Pair programming

The best way for knowledge sharing between senior and junior developers.


Working remotely in my own work environment allows me to focus better and be more productive

A clear role

Knowing what's expected from me will allow me deliver beyond those expectations
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Songs that make my day

because music lightens me up

to wake up in the morning

while building your website

when the work is done and the client is happy :D

to relax after work

The mind that is not baffled is not employed. The impeded stream is the one that sings.

"The Real Work"

by Wendell Berry